HIGH PERFORMANCE Minister Announces €841,000 Investment in Equipment for High Performance Squads

O’Donoghue recognises outstanding sporting achievement in 2006

Announces investment of €841,600 in specialist equipment for high performance squads

John O’Donoghue T.D., Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, made presentations to Ireland’s outstanding athletes at a special reception in Dublin today.

At the reception the Minister also announced that €841,600 will be made available to 8 National Governing Bodies of Sport to support their high performance squads from his Department's sports capital funding for specialist high performance equipment. 

New equipment for elite athletes will include a new training boat for the Lightweight Four, a Power Speed Testing Rig for boxers, 8 new track racing frames for cyclists and two coaching boats for the high performance sailing squad. The money is being allocated based on a proposal prepared by the Irish Sports Council and the Irish Institute of Sport.

Minister O’Donoghue: “I am delighted to announce a major investment in sports equipment for our high performance squads. The new equipment will facilitate better coaching and ultimately better performance. It demonstrates the commitment of the Irish Institute of Sport, the Irish Sports Council and my Department to the requirements of Ireland’s elite athletes.”

The Performance Incentive Payment for athletes was introduced as an innovation to the International Carding Scheme for 2006, designed to recognise excellent performances particularly in a championship environment. Athletes receive a bonus of 25% of their annual grant when they achieve an agreed target. 

Among the 20 athletes who qualified for awards in 2006 were European silver medalist in the 100 meter hurdles Derval O’Rourke, light heavyweight boxer Kenneth Egan who won a bronze medal at this year’s European Championship, Paralympic sprinter Jason Smyth who completed the 100 and 200 meter sprint double at the World Championships and the outstanding Lightweight Four rowing crew who won bronze at the World Championships and won the overall World Cup.

Minister O’Donoghue: “Ireland witnessed some outstanding performances in 2006 across a wide range of sports. We are fortunate to have so many talented young athletes and it is right that they should be acknowledged for their achievements."
High Performance Equipment Requirements 2006 – 2007 Costs Summary

NGB  Equipment Cost
Irish Amateur Boxing Association €109,100
Irish Canoe Union €56,146
Cycling Ireland €111,600
Irish Hockey Association €23,800
Irish Rowing Union €163,566
Irish Sailing Association €255,900
Paralympic Council of Ireland €96,825
Irish Clay Pigeon Shooting Association €24,700
Total Equipment Request €841,637

Irish Amateur Boxing Association (IABA)

Fitness testing & Recovery Equipment
German power speed testing rig     
Team polar heart rate system        
Ice machine & bath        
General Fitness conditioning equipment
Medicine balls (20)        
Punch bags & rail system        
Four training rings        
Strength & conditioning weights equipment     
Floor mats         
Two concept 2 rowing machines       
Physiotherapy/medical room equipment
Physio. portable table        
Physio. Screen         
Weighting scales         
Performance Analysis System
Video Camera         
Remote control hookup system       
Lap top computer         
Analysis software        
Projector & screen        
IABA Total equipment cost  €109,100

Irish Canoe Union (ICU)
Dansprint PRO Kayak Ergometer      
Galileo Vibration Platform       
Team Pro         
Two Inspiron N7942 laptop computers. Technical spec    
Two DCR-SR100 30GB Camcorders DCR-SR100     
Two Racing K1s (Flat Water Racing)      
Two Racing K2s         
Top racing paddles for Flat Water racing (6 units).     
Custom built racing boats K1 (Canoe Slalom)     
Canoe Trailer          
ICU Total Equipment Cost €56,146

Irish Hockey Association (IHA)
4 Apple Mac Lap Tops: ibook G4 80GB      
4 Gamebreaker Notational Analysis Programs: Gamebreaker Plus   
2 Sony Cameras: Sony HDR-HC3E High Definition Mini DV (HDV)  
2 Projectors: Epson EMP-TW520 HD Ready Home Cinema Projector  
Polar Heart Rate Monitor – Team set – Senior Women    
Speed Testing Gates        
IHA Total Equipment Cost €23,800

Irish Amateur Rowing Union (IARU)
Training & competition boats
Empacher 4- New men’s training boat (for the four)      
Empacher 4- New custom built competition boat (for the four) 
Empacher 2- New women’s training boat (for the pair)      
Other equipment
Empacher oars – For men’s & women’s squads                   
 Magik rowing gates – the items the oars sit into on the boat                 
Coaching boats & trailers
O’ Sullivan Marine Launch ( H.P. Team, Coaching)      
Tachau Boat Trailer  ( H.P. Team, Boat transport)          
Hi Tech Plast Catamaran ( H.P. Team,  Training camp coaching)    
Tachau Catamaran trailer (H.P. Team, camps )       
Paul Walsh Marine 15 hp Engine (H.P. Team, camps)      
Training equipment
Concept 2, 12  Rowing Ergometers    
Analysis System
3 base units        
3 monitors        
2 telemetry systems      
6 sensor sweep gates       
Video Camers       
1 top end laptop computer       
1 video analysis Dartfish software     
Overall package is €22,000 plus VAT       
IARU Total Equipment Cost   €163,566

Irish Sailing Association (ISA)
Two coaching Boats, to be shared between all HP boats    
Fuel containers for above boats       
Tow transportation vehicles tow boats to competitions    
Olympic boats by racing class
Three laser          
Two finn boats
Three sets of sails for the following boats (what would be used in an average year)
Three laser boats        
Two finn boats
Three sets of masts for the following boats (what would be used in an average year)
Two finn boats 
Rudder & daggerboard (for steering)
Two finn boats     
Specialist high performance training equipment
ISA Total Equipment Cost €255,900

Paralympic Council of Ireland (PCI)

Racing chairs (2)        
Disc wheels (2)         
Tyres (24)         
Indoor roller (2)         
Head pointers         
Trandem bike (2)        
Road bike         
Track bike         
Equipment for above bikes       
Mobile dressage arena        
Saddles & saddle covers        
Sonar boat         
Sails for above         
Mast for above         
Hard disk video camera for competition analysis    
Training equipment      
Training equipment      
Rehabilitation equipment      
PCI Total Equipment Cost  €96,825

Irish Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (ICPSA)

Video Analysis
Shotgun Customisation
ICPSA Total Equipment Cost  €24,700