Sport Ireland Trails

Sport Ireland Trails is the unit within Sport Ireland that coordinates the recreational trails programme. This work is guided by the Irish Trails Strategy which was published by the Irish Sports Council in 2007.


The functions of the NTO include:

  • Increase awareness about Irish trails and the range of activities and pursuits that can be undertaken on trails.

  • Inform trail policy at National level

  • Guide, facilitate and monitor the planning, provision and maintenance of trails at local (county) and regional levels

  • Develop a strategic national trails development plan

  • Establish a classification system for Irish trails and agree /monitor trail standards

  • Provide a technical advisory service on all new trail development projects, ensuring compliance with recommended standards

  • Coordinate a trail quality assurance programme

  • Maintain an up to date register of all approved trail developments

  • Coordinate trail education & training for the Irish trail community

  • Carry out research to assist the development of trails in Ireland

To find out more about Sport Ireland Trails and its work on recreational trails in Ireland and the Irish Trails Strategy contact Cormac on or visit

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