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Adventure Sport Framework

Background to the Adventure Sport Framework

A review of adventure sport training in Ireland was conducted in 2006 by the Irish Sports Council in conjunction with Irish Adventure Sports Training Trust. A key recommendation from this review was the need for a training and accreditation framework for adventure sports in Ireland. Consequently, the Irish Sports Council asked Coaching Ireland in 2007 to develop such a framework with the eight NGBs that were originally part of the review. These 8 NGBs are the Irish Canoe Union, Irish Sailing Association, Mountaineering Ireland, Irish Surfing Association, Speleological Union of Ireland, Underwater Council of Ireland, Irish Orienteering Association and Cycling Ireland (Mountain Biking).

The aim of the framework is to develop a common framework for adventure sport instructor/leader training and qualifications. The framework will build on and support the quality work already in place in Adventure Sport NGBs and will ensure that standards are defined and maintained to the highest levels.

The Adventure Sport Framework has been developed by a steering group which consists of representatives from each of the eight NGBs as well as the Irish Sports Council, Sport Northern Ireland and Coaching Ireland. The group meets, on average, once a month. The framework is currently in the pilot stage. Each NGB is reviewing their instructor/leader qualifications against the competencies and stages in the framework. Canoeing Ireland, the Irish Sailing Association, Speleological Union of Ireland and the Irish Surfing Association have all delivered instructor/leader awards under the Framework with more NGBs to pilot awards in 2011. Tutors have also been trained and certified in the NGBs to deliver the instructor/leader awards which are under the Adventure Sport Framework.


NGB Representative

Canoeing Ireland

Conor Ryan

Mountaineering Ireland

Alun Richardson/Trevor Fisher

Irish Orienteering Association

Ed Niland

Irish Sailing Association

Tony Wright

Irish Surfing Association

Zoe Lally

Speleological Union of Ireland

John Sweeney/Adam De Eyto

Irish Underwater Council

Darrach Rossiter

Cycling Ireland

Rachel Ormrod

Irish Sports Council

Marie Ahern

Sports Council Northern Ireland

Mike McClure

Coaching Ireland

Michael McGeehin (Chairperson)

Fiona Larkin